GWYGH, Ep. 018: Movie Jail

We all know the feeling when we get really excited for a movie because of the trailers only to be sorely disappointed by the feature film. Not many films encapsulate this phenomenon better than The Black Dahlia (2006), which was slated to be a huge success yet did not deliver on its promises to tell the story of a gruesome murder investigation. David Hanna from Macintosh and Maud invites Janine to expeirience this disappointment for herself. In this longest episode of Guess What You're Gonna Hate? yet, they explore not only what makes this movie so terrible, but also the ethics behind the exploitation of a true murder victim to sell a movie that ultimately uses the story of Elizabeth Short as hardly more than a backdrop. 

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GWYGH, Ep. 017: Mildly Inconveniced

Who doesn't love a good revenge story? Well, the people behind John Tucker Must Die (2006) obviously don't. Instead of a good, ol' fashioned revenge tale, Kate makes Janine watch a movie chock full of inconveniences, cringeworthy moments, hamfisted jokes, and an absolutely pointless plot with zero character development. 

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GWYGH, Mini Ep. 013: McMansion Hell

Imagine, if you will, that it's 2002 and you have no monetary limits or guidelines to building your dream house. Would you look to build a house that was perfect for your family's space needs? Or would you want to combine all your favorite design elements from centuries of agriculture, tossing simplicity and usability to the wind? Kate Wagner joins Janine to discuss how media like Cribs (2000) and The Simple Life (2003) combined with the suburban paranoia to shape housing trends in the 2000s. 

Kate is the author behind the viral blog McMansion Hell ( Additionally, they contribute to Curbed, Atlas Obscura, and 99 Percent Invisible. Find them on Twitter: @mcmansionhell.

GWYGH, Ep. 016: Troywalking

How did Janine avoid watching the incredibly popular Disney Channel original movie High School Musical (2006)? Simple: she wasn’t a prep or a poseur, duh! Kyle from The M Word Podcast is here to finally #LetJanineWatchHSM! We talk all about embarrassing middle school dance musicals, creme brulee envy, sticking to the status quo, and how we're all in this together.

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GWYGH, Mini Ep. 012: Bring On Teenage Angst Records

We all have our favorite albums from our teenage years. Some of us are fortunate enough to have gone through our music exploring phase in the early 2000s, where you often heard of new albums through whispers on music forums and had to seek it out through LimeWire, Kazaa, or other means. Michelle Nickolaisen introduces Janine to BOTAR (Bandits of the Acoustic Revolution), whose 2001 album "A Call to Arms" remains one of her favorites. 

Listen to "A Call to Arms": 

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GWYGH, Ep. 011: Lucy and the Spy, With Diamonds (Janine's Notes)

A few episodes ago, Kate and Janine watched of D.E.B.S. (2004), wherein a secret test hidden in the SAT is used to select the perfect spy. This LGBT action/comedy/romance/spy movie is a wonderful film full of fluff and meetcutes and perhaps one of the only movies we review that we'll recommend you watch. The following is Janine's notes while she was watching the movie. 

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GWYGH, Ep. 015: Conga Line of Death

Final Destination (2000), the movie that launched a franchise, feels like a really long episode of the X-Files... only it uses Agents Weine and Schreck (yes, SCHRECK) to replace Agents Sculder and Mully. Wait, er -- obviously we meant Scully and Mulder! Listen to Kate talk about a horror series that she loves while Janine tries to figure out why it feels less like a movie and more like a really long episode of a beloved television show. 

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GWYGH, Mini Ep. 011: Epcot as a PvP Zone

Renee Rhodes from Fate and the Fablemaidens joins Janine and Kate to discuss the Kingdom Hearts series as well as how the storytelling of the video games we grow up with can impact our creative process as adults. Kate recounts renting the game from Blockbuster, Janine reminisces about minivans with tv screens, and Renee explains how she finally beat Kingdom Hearts as an adult. We also than our families for all the embarrassing music they tolerated during our teenage music exploration. Let's hope that the anticipated Kingdom Hearts 3 is everything we've been waiting for! 

Check out Fate and the Fablemaidens, an actual-play, biweekly D&D podcast created by four friends who love goofs and games.

GWYGH, Ep. 014: Radio Requests

At a listener's request, Kate and Janine watch Saved! (2004), a satirical teen comedy starring Mandy Moore, Jena Malone, and Macaulay Culkin. Turns out it's hard to stay on topic when the movie is legitimately enjoyable and worthwhile, so there's an absolute mishmash of elements in this episode, including: censorship via hiphop airhorns, mistaken identity via email, repeated requests on the radio for Smooth by Santana featuring Rob Thomas and Matchbox 20, and walking out of movie theaters.

Listen for a message from Not Your Little Lady, a podcast featuring women living outside of the South's socially accepted norms.

GWYGH, Mini Ep. 010: Keeping Up With the Bluths

This is the story of a co-host who lost out on 2000s pop culture and the podcast that had no choice but to produce trash content always. Daniel Spencer from Subverted Tropes joins Janine to discuss Arrested Development in anticipation of its 5th season being released later this month. We discuss our favorite gags, the unique nature of this smart comedy, and our hopes for the future. 

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GWYGH, Ep. 13: BasketBlades (TM)

Picture this: you're at a yard sale, browsing a selection of DVDs, when you're faced with a choice: Secondhand Lions (2003) or Dodgeball (2004). They're marked $3 dollars each, and you only have $2.83 in assorted coins jangling in your pocket. Your hands are shaking. You know you can't take them both home with you. You'll barely be able to haggle the price down to buy one and still have a quarter for that waterlogged paperback copy of "A Million Little Pieces" by James Frey that you've been eyeing. What do you do? Which do you choose? Well, we can't answer that for you. That's your own journey. When Kate made the same offer to Janine, however, she decided to go with Dodgeball, a mid-2000s comedy starring Vince Vaughn and Ben Stiller. Don't miss out on our discussion on how exploding birds improve any sport as well as our new business venture: Basketblades™.

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GWYGH, Mini Ep. 009: Milkshakes Gone Wild

In Episode 3 of the Simple Life, Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie work at a Sonic Drive-In. Is this perhaps the best episode of the series so far? You know it is! Kate delights in their antics when dressed as Sonic mascots while Janine tries to determine which of these girls is the more malicious one. Best listened to when drinking an Ocean Water.

GWYGH, Ep. 12: Bazinga Boy

Madison Jones and Mike Knoll from The Equelizers podcast join Janine to discuss Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius (2001), an Oscar-nominated animated film that features that unsettling CGI animation from the early 2000s that we all know and love.

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GWYGH, Mini Ep. 008: In the Year 2000...

Dear 2000, 

We have looked over your top 100 hits and your movie releases and have concluded that you had a lot of truly terrible media. 

However, we owe you a lot. We couldn't have this podcast without you. 

We hope to do you proud, 2000. Thank you for providing us with a decade full of terrible movies and music for us to mock (and sometimes, guiltily, enjoy). 

We'd be nothing without you. 

With mixed emotions, 
Janine and Kate
Hosts of Guess What You're Gonna Hate?

PS: Great job for having Smooth by Santana ft. Rob Thomas from Matchbox 20 on the charts for 38 weeks.

GWYGH, Ep. 11: Lucy and the Spy, With Diamonds

Kate introduces Janine to the wonderful world of D.E.B.S. (2004), wherein a secret test hidden in the SAT is used to select the perfect spy. This LGBT action/comedy/romance/spy movie is a wonderful film full of fluff and meetcutes and perhaps one of the only movies we review that we'll recommend you watch. 

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GWYGH, Ep. 009: Smooth and Evil (Janine's Notes)

Kate made Janine watch Osmosis Jones (2001), a gross partly-animated film focusing on a white blood cell cop catching a villain virus before it kills his host. While watching the movie, Janine took notes on the plot as it progressed. Basically, these notes are a stream of consciousness as Janine watched this movie.

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GWYGH, Mini Ep. 006: Thanks for the Meme-ories

Kate and Janine take a stroll down meme-ory lane as they discuss some memes and viral videos from the 90s to today, including Dancing Baby, Boxxy, Spongebob, Chocolate Rain, and Numa Numa. Be sure to check out our full shownotes on our website to get links to the videos discussed! Also, if you have suggestions for memes to discuss in future episodes, please let us know!