GWYGH, Ep. 072: Beamed Earworms

Janine was just minding her own business with a song so rudely entered her brain and then refused to leave: Uncle Kracker's Follow Me (2000), which has an utterly nonsensical music video which Kate hates.

If you have any suggestions for our upcoming episodes, please let us know @hatepodcast on Twitter! Thanks to Paul Ryberg of Plug-in Missing and The Minute Pod for our great theme song.

GWYGH, Ep. 015: Conga Line of Death

Final Destination (2000), the movie that launched a franchise, feels like a really long episode of the X-Files... only it uses Agents Weine and Schreck (yes, SCHRECK) to replace Agents Sculder and Mully. Wait, er -- obviously we meant Scully and Mulder! Listen to Kate talk about a horror series that she loves while Janine tries to figure out why it feels less like a movie and more like a really long episode of a beloved television show. 

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GWYGH, Mini Ep. 008: In the Year 2000...

Dear 2000, 

We have looked over your top 100 hits and your movie releases and have concluded that you had a lot of truly terrible media. 

However, we owe you a lot. We couldn't have this podcast without you. 

We hope to do you proud, 2000. Thank you for providing us with a decade full of terrible movies and music for us to mock (and sometimes, guiltily, enjoy). 

We'd be nothing without you. 

With mixed emotions, 
Janine and Kate
Hosts of Guess What You're Gonna Hate?

PS: Great job for having Smooth by Santana ft. Rob Thomas from Matchbox 20 on the charts for 38 weeks.

GWYGH, Ep. 006: All Hail Walmart (Janine's Notes)

In our last episode, we watched Where the Heart Is (2000), starring Natalie Portman and Ashley Judd. While watching the movie, Janine took notes on the plot as it progressed. Basically, these notes are a stream of consciousness as Janine watched this movie, some of it copied from messages that she sent Kate during her torture. 

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