GWYGH, Ep. 016: Troywalking

How did Janine avoid watching the incredibly popular Disney Channel original movie High School Musical (2006)? Simple: she wasn’t a prep or a poseur, duh! Kyle from The M Word Podcast is here to finally #LetJanineWatchHSM! We talk all about embarrassing middle school dance musicals, creme brulee envy, sticking to the status quo, and how we're all in this together.

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GWYGH, Ep. 010: Great Characters, Bad Movie

Guest Josh Whitehead from On The Front Porch With Us offers Janine two Disney movies to choose from: Brink! (1998) or Sky High (2005), one of which Janine wrote extensive self-insert fanfiction of when she was a teenager. Listen to Janine relive the cringe of teenage fandom while Josh gives unique and insightful commentary on the deeper meaning of a mediocre movie. 

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