GWYGH, Ep. 079: Primary Research, Baby

To celebrate the 2019 Emmys, Kate and Janine naturally critique the supposed best-dressed celebrities who attended the 2009 Emmys. All these gorgeous ladies had beautiful gowns, but why wouldn't two mediocre podcast trash queens have the right to critique celebrity fashion ten years later?

All credit for the original list goes to the Susan Cernek article on Glamour 9/20/2009 of best dressed celebrities. Click here to read it.

Many thanks to Paul Ryberg for our awesome theme song! Check out his podcasts Plug-in Missing and The Minute Pod.

GWYGH, Ep. 069.5: Bracelet Bylaws

No matter what decade it is, parents will always be scared and confused by the weird trends of their children and often come up with bizarre explanations for their behavior, sometimes even banning toys, fashion, or media because of its supposed connotations. One such moral panic was the jelly bracelet of the early 2000s, known by some concerned parents and news outlets as "sex bracelets." Janine and Kate discuss a variety of bracelet trends from the 2000s as well as their experiences with sex ed.

Thanks to Paul Ryberg for the awesome theme song! Listen to his podcasts, The Minute Pod and Plug-in Missing.