GWYGH, Ep. 019: Man Babies

In 2000s media, men were encouraged to be immature and irresponsible, because having fun beats growing up any day. Long-time listener, first time guest Darrell Winfree offers his wife Janine the choice between two terrible 2000s bro comedies: Saving Silverman (2001) or Without a Paddle (2004). 

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GWYGH, Ep. 13: BasketBlades (TM)

Picture this: you're at a yard sale, browsing a selection of DVDs, when you're faced with a choice: Secondhand Lions (2003) or Dodgeball (2004). They're marked $3 dollars each, and you only have $2.83 in assorted coins jangling in your pocket. Your hands are shaking. You know you can't take them both home with you. You'll barely be able to haggle the price down to buy one and still have a quarter for that waterlogged paperback copy of "A Million Little Pieces" by James Frey that you've been eyeing. What do you do? Which do you choose? Well, we can't answer that for you. That's your own journey. When Kate made the same offer to Janine, however, she decided to go with Dodgeball, a mid-2000s comedy starring Vince Vaughn and Ben Stiller. Don't miss out on our discussion on how exploding birds improve any sport as well as our new business venture: Basketblades™.

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GWYGH, Ep. 11: Lucy and the Spy, With Diamonds

Kate introduces Janine to the wonderful world of D.E.B.S. (2004), wherein a secret test hidden in the SAT is used to select the perfect spy. This LGBT action/comedy/romance/spy movie is a wonderful film full of fluff and meetcutes and perhaps one of the only movies we review that we'll recommend you watch. 

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GWYGH, Ep. 010: Great Characters, Bad Movie

Guest Josh Whitehead from On The Front Porch With Us offers Janine two Disney movies to choose from: Brink! (1998) or Sky High (2005), one of which Janine wrote extensive self-insert fanfiction of when she was a teenager. Listen to Janine relive the cringe of teenage fandom while Josh gives unique and insightful commentary on the deeper meaning of a mediocre movie. 

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GWYGH, Ep. 008: Don't Mean a Thing

Don't got that swing? Sorry - it don't mean a thing! Kate offers Janine a selection of Japanese movies, including Kamikaze Girls (2004), Battle Royale (2000), and Swing Girls (2004). Be sure to participate in our giveaway contest by leaving a review of our podcast. Also, check out the message from our friends over at Best Forevers Pod! Many thanks to Lee Rosevere for the song "Arcade Market," which makes for some killer bumper music. 

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GWYGH, Ep. 004: Hostile Work Environment - Janine's Notes

In our first episode of the new year, we watched Chasing Liberty. While watching the movie, Janine took notes on the plot as it progressed. Basically, these notes are a stream of consciousness as Janine watched this movie, some of it copied from messages that she sent Kate during her torture. 

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GWYGH, Ep. 004: Hostile Work Environment

In the very first episode of 2018, Janine and Kate discuss the absolute plethora of early 2000s media centering around romance in the White House as they consider their hardest decision yet: whether to watch First Daughter (2004) or Chasing Liberty (2004), two movies that are nearly identical in plot.