GWYGH, Ep. 034: Body as an Asset

For the final discussion on Shallow Hal (2001), Janine speaks to Ivy Snitzer, the woman who played the plus-size body double for Gwyneth Paltrow in the film as well as to Maggie McGill, a queer plus-size fashion blogger. Ivy shares her experiences on set and her role in the movie. Later on, as Maggie McGill joins the discussion, we all share our thoughts on the representation of plus-size people in the film and how, ultimately, things could have been a lot worse.

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GWYGH, Mini Ep. 033: Active Avoidance

For the first part of Janine's examination of Shallow Hal (2001), she speaks with Amanda Iman of Amanda's Picture Show A Go Go. Though Janine watched this film as a young, misguided chubby kid, Amanda avoided watching it because she was put off by its trailer. We peel back the complicated layers of a simplistic comedy and lay the ground work for next week's more in-depth episode which will feature a special voice from the cast of the film to give us more insight on Shallow Hal and whether or not it has a positive message.

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