GWYGH, Ep. 069: Squirtle Sunglasses

Revving up for Detective Pikachu (2019) this weekend, Kate and Janine dip into the late 90s to discuss their favorite Pokemon movies, games, and starters.

Thank you to Paul Ryberg of Plug-in Missing and The Minute Pod for our awesome theme song!

Guess Who You're Gonna Punk?

All right, we’ve finally done it. We’ve caved and reviewed a 90s movie. That’s right, it’s a GWYGH first: The Mask (1994), because ultimately, trash is timeless.

You can find The VCR kids on all social media @TheVCRKids or on their website, Too bad Ashton Kutcher isn’t there to catch your reaction — cause you’ve been PUNK’D!!

GWYGH, Mini Ep. 006: Thanks for the Meme-ories

Kate and Janine take a stroll down meme-ory lane as they discuss some memes and viral videos from the 90s to today, including Dancing Baby, Boxxy, Spongebob, Chocolate Rain, and Numa Numa. Be sure to check out our full shownotes on our website to get links to the videos discussed! Also, if you have suggestions for memes to discuss in future episodes, please let us know!